Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

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Wiesner Incontinence Clamp is a new approach to male incontinence care with more than 10,000 satisfied customers. It is an external medical device used to control urine leakage by compressing the urethra and preventing urine flow. Every Wiesner incontinence device comes complete with the clamp, easy-to-read instructions, and a convenient pouch for carrying and keeping the clamp clean.

Wiesner Penile Clamp Highlights

  • Lets the user maintain an active lifestyle
  • Fully adjustable with 4 different settings
  • Can be worn during any activity
  • Ergonomic design promotes confidence and all-day comfort
  • 3 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick
  • Free Pouch - To keep clamp dry and clean


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Features of Wiesner Male Incontinence Clamp

  • Designed after extensive analysis of the penis anatomy in order to produce an incontinence clamp that is both effective and comfortable
  • Use of this male incontinence clamp has a huge impact on the quality of life for patients, restoring their confidence and allowing them to enjoy activities that previously they could not, like swimming, golfing, hiking and so much more
  • Special silicone cushions for better durability, comfort and cleanliness
  • Designed to provide a correct blood circulation with its ergonomic design, which provides user comfort all day long
  • Latching mechanism has 4 different levels so the user can achieve the right amount of pressure to prevent urine leakage without causing discomfort
  • Cost effective, saving the user a lot of money in adult incontinence briefs


What to buy with Wiesner Incontinence Clamp

How does Wiesner Incontinence Clamp work?

Male urinary incontinence clamp by Wiesner Healthcare Innovation is constructed of a ABS plastic frame and two medical grade silicone rubber cushions. The raised portion on the bottom part of the clamp applies pressure to the urethra, controlling the flow of urine. The top part of the clamp is designed to release pressure, allowing correct blood circulation and ensuring maximum comfort.

How does Wiesner Incontinence Clamp work?

How is Wiesner Clamp better than other Male Incontinence Device?

  • Less prone to urinary tract infections than catheters
  • Less prone to dermatitis than diapers
  • Prevents skin irritation from the adhesive used in leg bags
  • Reduces the possibility of penile edema and other side effects
  • Better anatomical fit
  • Smaller, lighter and thus, more discreet
  • Avoids or minimizes urine dribbling

Wiesner Clamp FAQs
Wiesner Clamp User Manual

How to use Wiesner Incontinence Clamp?

Tips for using Wiesner Penile Clamp

  • Try to loosen incontinence clamp every 1 to 2 hours to urinate. This is very important to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Each time the user urinates, try to reposition the incontinence clamp a little higher up or lower down the shaft of penis.
  • Do not overtighten the clamp because the heightened pressure could interfere with blood circulation or cause skin irritation.
  • Remember that directing just a little pressure on the urethral canal will prevent any urine leakage.
  • It is important that to maintain adequate sensation in penis so the user can feel if the device becomes painful or irritating.
  • Inspect incontinence clamp for signs of deterioration or damage after using it for a while in order to prevent embarrassing accidents.
  • Keep the incontinence clamp centered on penis at all times, since this is the position that ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness.

How to put on Wiesner Incontinence Clamp?

  1. Be sure to wash hands and dry them with a towel.
  2. Open the incontinence clamp by releasing the catch and lifting up the top part.
  3. Place penis between the silicone rubber pads with the incontinence clamp about halfway down the shaft of penis and the catch release facing up.
  4. Latch the incontinence clamp to compress urethra at the level that is comfortable to the user, and be sure to center the device so the raised portion sits just below the urethral canal. The user will feel a slight amount of pressure, which will prevent any urine leakage.
  5. To urinate, release incontinence clamp by pulling back the catch and lifting up the top part.
  6. After the user have finished urinating, put the incontinence clamp back on again, preferably on a slightly different part of shaft.

How to clean Wiesner Male Incontinence Clamp?

  1. The Wiesner penile clamp for urinary incontinence is made of a plastic frame and two medical-grade silicone rubber pads that will not absorb liquid.
  2. Simply wash the clamp by hand using mild soap and warm water and dry it with a towel or let it air-dry.
  3. The clamp can be used again immediately.


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