Irrigation Trays

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Catheter Irrigation trays provide all of the supplies needed to effectively and safely insert, remove or change a catheter. Shop Catheter brings you a wide range of Irrigation trays to help you deal with catheterization

Why are Irrigation Trays prescribed?

Doctor's ask caregivers and patients to have on hand extra Irrigation Trays when they buy Catheters and Drainage bags are used, because the Irrigation Tray contains sterile components that are needed to flush or clean debris from the inner walls of the catheter when they are changed.

How should I use an Irrigation Tray?

Before handling a Foley catheter, you must first wash and scrub your hands, fingernails, and fingertips thoroughly with antimicrobial soap for 2 to 3 minutes. The ultimate goal is to have a clean changing environment using sterile supplies to reduce the risk for bladder infection. Once hands and fingertips are cleaned and dry. Unpack the sterile components on a dry, flat surface and begin the flushing process. Sterile water Irrigation is also needed which is usually not included in the Irrigation tray.

Bard Bulb Irrigation Syringe And Tray Amsino AMsure Bulb Irrigation Tray
Bard Bulb Irrigation Syringe And Tray Amsino AMsure Bulb Irrigation Tray

Irrigation Tray Side Effects

There are no known side effects related to Irrigation Trays or the parts inside the tray. All the components that are packed in the tray or kit do not contain any latex proteins and are sterile. If the Irrigation tray has been opened or damaged in any way, do not use it, as the inside of the tray can be at risk of not being sterile.

Where to buy Irrigation Tray online?

Shop Catheters offers a wide range of irrigation trays from top manufacturers such as Medline Industries, Bard, Covidien/Medtronic, Amsino International, Nurse Assisst, Inc. Buy now! and Save up to 60%.


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