Pediatric Catheter

Pediatric Catheter is designed to address the problems that are associated with the catheterization of children. They come with some unique features that make the cathing process easy and comfortable. The polished eyelets and smooth surface of the pediatric urinary catheter allow for pain-free insertion and removal. At Shop Catheters, we offer you a wide range of pediatric catheters from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Lofric, Hi-Slip, Rusch, Self-Cath, etc. 

There comes a variety of pediatric catheters that allow your child to catheterize independently with fewer efforts. Pediatric closed system catheters come with self-contained bags that let your child void urine directly into the collection bag. There is no requirement of wasting a good dry diaper unnecessarily. The hydrophilic pediatric catheters enhance the gliding properties to provide an easier and more comfortable insertion.

Unique Features of Pediatric Catheters

  • Comfort and Size: Comfort level and size of a pediatric catheter are so designed that the physical needs of a child are given due consideration.

  • Ease of Use: Pediatric urinary catheter is easy and intuitive to use. It enables children to learn self-catheterization at an early stage without struggling with the supplies.

  • Privacy: Pediatric catheter is sized appropriately to maintain the privacy of children.

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