Two-Way Foley Catheter

Two-way Foley Catheter consists of a long tube that is inserted into the bladder to drain out urine. One end of the catheter contains drainage eyes and a retention balloon. Retention balloon prevents the catheter from falling out of the bladder. The other end of the Foley catheter contains two connectors. One connector works as a drainage port and helps in draining urine while the other connector is a non-return balloon inflation valve that is used to inflate the retention balloon. Two way Foley catheter is helpful in managing urinary dysfunction.

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How does Two-way Foley Catheter Work?

  • 2 way Foley catheter is made up of a flexible tube that is inserted into the bladder through the urethra.

  • The catheter tube has two different lumens or channels, running along its length.

  • One of the lumen connects to the retention balloon present at the tip of the catheter and has a valve on the outside end of the tube.

  • Sterile water or normal saline is injected through the valve to inflate the balloon lying inside the bladder. This will keep the catheter from slipping out.

  • The other lumen has open ends and allows the urine to drain out from the bladder into a urine collection bag.

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