Coude Tip Catheter

Coude tip catheter is a type of Foley or intermittent catheter. Unlike the straight tip catheter, the tip of the coude catheter is slightly bent or curved like an elbow. In fact, coude is the French word for elbow. It is usually preferred when inserting a straight tip catheter becomes painful. The unique design of coude tip catheter easily bypasses the urethra and drains the bladder comfortably. Users of coude catheter are usually men and occasionally boys. That is why most of them have male or pediatric length. However, it can be used by any gender when inserting a straight catheter becomes difficult. It totally depends on the individual user requirements.

When are Coude Tip Catheters Used?

Coude tipped catheters are recommended for following situations:

  • Enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Stricture or blockage in the urethra
  • Prior prostate surgery
  • Radiation in the pelvic area for curing cancer
  • False passages in the stoma or urethra
  • Urethral trauma

Types of Coude Tip Catheter

Different types of coude tip catheters are available to suit the personal preferences and anatomy of users:

  • Tapered tip coude catheter
  • Olive tip coude catheter
  • Tiemann tip coude catheter

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