Bard is a leading manufacturer of urological supplies. Bard Medical Products are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the users. They are engineered to provide the best possible safety and performance to the users. Bard products include Foley catheters, leg bags, drainage bags, irrigation and insertion trays, penile clamps, leg bag straps and the list goes on. Some top-selling brands of Bard available at Shop Catheters are Bardex, Bardia, LubriCath, Statlock, etc.

Advantages of Bard Medical Products

  • Include a wide assortment of urological products to meet the specific user requirements.
  • Undergo extensive clinical validation to ensure the high quality of products.
  • Bard Hydrogel Coated Foley catheters are designed to offer patient safety and comfort. There have been no confirmed allergic reactions to these catheters since last 70 years.
  • In patients catheterized with the Bard Hydrogel and Bardex I.C. Foley catheter with BactiGuard coating, the occurrence of UTI is 3.7 times lower than in the patients with a standard catheter.
  • Manufacturing processes of Bard medical products ensure high product quality for optimal patient care.
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