Three-Way Foley Catheter


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Three-way Foley Catheter consists of a long flexible tube with drainage eyes and retention balloon at one end, and three connectors at the other end. Drainage eyes help in draining urine and retention balloon holds the catheter in the place. Just like two-way Foley catheter, one connector of the three-way catheter is used to drain the urine while the other is used to inflate the balloon. The third channel allows for continuous bladder irrigation that helps in removing debris and blood clots. Three-way Foley catheter is recommended for prostate tumor, post urological surgery or in situations where there is bleeding from the bladder.

How does Three-way Foley Catheter Work?

  • Three way Foley catheter has three separate tubes at the end, out of which, the middle one has a larger opening while the other two have narrow opening and can be capped off.
  • The middle tube is used to drain urine while the other two work as irrigation and inflation port.
  • This type of design is specially useful to people who need to flush their bladders due to infections and blood clots.
  • While performing bladder irrigation, the 3 way Foley catheter is inserted through the urethra into the bladder.
  • After insertion, the balloon can be inflated to keep the catheter in place and prevent it from slipping out.
  • After balloon inflation, one of the narrower tubes is attached to a saline-filled irrigation bag and hung on a pole. 
  • Gravity pushes the saline though the three-way Foley catheter, into the bladder, and out again via the two other tubes.
  • The wider middle tube lets the blood clots and other matter flow through the catheter without obstructing the overall urine flow.


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