Insertion Trays

Catheter Insertion Trays supply everything that is required to manage the process of catheter insertion. They make catheterization incredibly convenient by including products like lubricants, underpads, swab sticks, wipes, syringes, gloves, collection devices, drainage bags, etc. At Shop Catheters you can find catheter insertion kits both with and without a catheter. Tray without a catheter gives the freedom of choosing the catheter according to personal catheterization needs.

Components of Catheter Insertion Trays

  • Catheter: Catheter helps in draining urine from the bladder.
  • Lubricant: Lubricants make the insertion and removal of catheters smooth and easier.
  • Drainage bag: Drainage bag helps in storing the urine output of catheterization. It eliminates the need of going to toilets again and again.
  • Swab sticks: Swab sticks are used to clean the genital areas and maintain sterility for mental preparation.
  • Gloves: Gloves form an important part of catheter trays because they help in maintaining hygienic conditions and preventing cross-contamination.
  • Underpads: Underpads are placed under the patient to prevent any type of fluid from damaging the furniture. 
  • Wipes: Wipes help in cleaning the peri-urethral area for a successfull catheterization.
  • Syringe: Pre-filled syringe contains sterile water to inflate the retention balloon.
  • Collection devices: Collection devices are designed to collect specimens of urinee for testing.

Shop Catheters offers a wide range of catheter insertion trays from various top-selling manufacturers like Bard, Covidien, Medline, Welcon, etc.

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