Foley/Indwelling Catheters

Foley Indwelling Catheter is used by individuals who want to wear a catheter continuously. It is inserted into the urinary bladder through the urethra and can be left there for a considerable period. It can be used both for the short and long term. Generally made of rubber, plastic and silicone, a Foley catheter is available in different sizes and is the most common type of indwelling catheter. At Shop Catheters there are different types of Foley catheters available like latex catheters, silicone catheters, hydrogel coated latex catheters, round tip catheters or olive tip catheters. We also carry catheter kits which include all the accessories required for inserting the Foley urinary catheter.

Two-Way Foley Indwelling Catheter

Two-way Foley Catheter consists of a long, flexible tube with retention balloon and drainage eyes at one end and two connectors at the other. Out of the two connectors, one is used to drain urine while the other is used to inflate the retention balloon. Two-way Foley catheter is used to manage urinary dysfunction.

Three-Way Foley Indwelling Catheter

Three-way Foley Catheter features a retention balloon and drainage eyes just like the two-way catheter. Instead of two, it has three connectors, one for urine drainage, one for inflation and the last one for bladder irrigation. Bladder irrigation helps in flushing debris and blood clots out of the bladder. Three-way catheter is used for post urological surgery, prostate tumor or where there is bleeding from the bladder.

Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter

Temperature sensing Foley catheter measures the temperature of urine inside the bladder with the help of a sensor present near the tip. Urine temperature helps in determining the core temperature. It is ideal for some surgical procedures and intensive care.

Foley Insertion Kits and Trays

Foley Insertion Kits and Trays include all the essential accessories which are required for successful Foley catheterization. They are swab sticks, underpads, gloves, lubricants, drainage bag, pre-attached Foley indwelling catheter, syringe, etc.

Shop Catheters offers a wide variety of Foley indwelling catheters from various top-selling brands like Kendall, Bardex, Rusch, Lubricath, Bardia, etc.

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