Catheter Holder/Straps

Catheter holders and catheter leg straps make catheterization much easier and convenient. They securely hold the urinary catheter or drainage tubes in place and prevent them from slipping or pulling due to regular movements. Their medical grade material is soft and comfortable against the skin and reduces the risks of developing skin irritations. Shop Catheters offers a wide variety of catheter straps and holders from top-selling brands like Statlock, Cath-Mate, Urofoam, Uro-Strap, etc.

Catheter Leg Straps

Catheter retaining straps are worn around the leg to secure the catheter tube in place. They prevent the accidental or painful pulling of the catheter and provide the user with freedom of movement. Catheter leg straps eliminate the need of skin-irritating tapes and reduce the risks of bladder spasms, urethral erosion, bladder trauma and skin tears. They are gentle and comfortable against the skin. Catheter straps come in adhesive or adjustable velcro varieties. Straps with hook and loop fasteners allow for simple application and placement.

Catheter Holders

Catheter Holders are designed to stabilize the catheter and reduce their movement while in use. With the help of these catheter holders, users can move around freely during the day and night without any uncomfortable feeling of shifting or pulling down of the catheter. There comes a wide variety of catheter holders like catheter stabilization devices, anchoring devices and securement devices to prevent the accidental dislodgement of the urinary catheters.

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