Closed System Catheters

Closed system intermittent catheters are considered safe to use because of their touchless property and minimized chances of bacterial infection. These are particularly convenient for those who have restricted movement or are wheelchair-bound. Shop Catheters offers a wide range including straight tip catheters, hydrophilic catheters, lubricath catheters, silicone catheters and coude tip catheters. We have products specially designed for the male and for the female as well as those in the unisex range. Top brands are included here such as Rusch, Self-Cath, Touchless, Magic3, Lofric, etc.

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Components of Closed System Intermittent Catheter

There will be some variance between the brands, but the majority of closed system catheter kits contain some basic components described below:

  • Pre-Lubricated Catheter: Provides a touch-free and smooth insertion into the bladder for draining urine.

  • Introducer Tip: Helps in bypassing the first few millimeters of urethra where maximum concentration of bacteria is found.

  • Catheter Cap: Covers and protects the introducer tip until you are ready for catheter use.

  • Measured Urine Bag: Used to hold and measure urine output.

  • Additional Features: Many closed urinary catheter systems also include povidone-iodine or BZK wipes for disinfecting hands and the area of insertion, lubricating jelly for smooth catheter insertion, gloves for covering hands and reducing the risk of infection, and an underpad for protection from residual liquid.

Benefits of using Closed System Intermittent Catheter

  • Simplifies the process of catheterization for people with limited mobility.
  • Intermittent catheter closed systems make catheterization possible at any place with privacy.
  • Process of catheterization becomes safe and sterile because the intermittent catheter can be inserted without even touching the tube. It minimizes the risk of bacterial contamination.
  • Included urine collection bag eliminates the requirement of finding separate urinal, container or bag.
  • Introducer tip allows the catheter to pass through the urethra while reducing the risk of infection.

Where to buy Closed System Catheters online?

Shop Catheters offers closed system catheters from multiple brands in varying styles and sizes. You can buy straight tip catheters, coude tip catheters, tapered tip catheters, olive tip catheters, closed system catheters made of red rubber and much more. Top brands featured here include Self-Cath, Rusch, Touchless, SpeediCath, Elite, Cure Catheter, etc.