Tubings and Connectors

Catheter Tubings and Connectors are used to connect urinary catheters to the urinary drainge bags. They add more space between the catheter and the collection bag, allowing patients to easily turn and position themselves at night. They are usually latex-free and constructed from durable vinyl. At shopcatheters.com you can find a variety of catheter tubings and connectors like Bard Latex Leg Bag Extension Tubing With Connector, Cardinal Health Straight Tubing Connectors, Bard Urinary Drainage Tubing, etc.

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Extension Tubing

Extension Tubing is important for proper and comfortable placement of drainage bags. Its flexible nature allows for easy movements. It usually connects a Foley or external catheter to a urinary drainage bag and offers an added length to the bag.

Catheter Connectors

Catheter connector is used to connect two sections of tubing. One of its end is fitted into the urinal valve base and the other is fitted into the drainage bag tubing or extension tubing. They are usually transparent to allow an easy observation of urine flow.

Catheter Plug and Cap

Catheter Plug and Cap are designed mainly for Foley catheters. They are used to close the catheter for leakage prevention. They are also used for covering the catheter and protecting the drainage bag connector. 

Where to buy Catheter Tubings and Connectors online?

Shop Catheters offers a wide variety of catheter tubings and connectors from various top-selling manufacturers like Bard, Cook VPI, Urocare, and many more.