Cook Connecting Tube with Drainage Bag Connector And Stopcock

Cook Connecting Tube with Drainage Bag Connector And Stopcock

Brand/Manufacturer: COOK VPI
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  • Latex Free

Cook Vinyl Connecting Tube with Drainage Bag Connector and Stopcock serve as a link between an external drainage catheter and a drainage pouch. It features a one-way stopcock that regulates the flow of drainage when switching out the pouch. This connecting tube is 30cm in length and is free from latex material.

Key Features of Cook Connecting Tube

  • Latex-Free Construction
  • One-Way Stopcock for Controlled Drainage
  • Length of 30cm
  • High-Quality Vinyl Material
  • Convenient Disposable Solution

Item # Desc Pkg Price
CTU14.0-30-ST 14Fr Each

Benefits of Cook Vinyl Connecting Tube

  • Comes in a 14Fr outer diameter option
  • Available in a sterile version
  • Comes with Stopcock and drainage bag connector
  • Designed for single use (disposable)
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Constructed from vinyl for the connecting tube


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Cook Connecting Tube FAQs

1 What is the purpose of the stopcock in the Cook Connecting Tube with Drainage Bag Connector?

The stopcock controls the flow of drainage during the exchange of the drainage pouch, ensuring a controlled and hygienic process.

2 Is the 14Fr outer diameter the only size option available for this connecting tube?

The 14Fr outer diameter is one of the available options, but it may be available in other sizes to accommodate different catheters and drainage systems.

3 Are there any specific benefits to using the sterile version of this product?

The sterile version helps maintain aseptic conditions during medical procedures, reducing the risk of infection and ensuring patient safety.

4 Can the Cook Connecting Tube with Drainage Bag Connector be reused, or is it strictly for single use?

This product is designed for single use to enhance hygiene and convenience. It should not be reused.

5 Is the vinyl material used in the construction of this connecting tube durable and safe for patients?

Yes, the vinyl material is known for its durability and safety. It is latex-free to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.


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