External Catheter: Tips and Advice

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One of the best solutions for men suffering from urology related problem is a male external catheter. Condom/External catheters are just like a condom with the end cut off that is attached to a drainage tube and collecting bag away from the body. You may need to try different types before finding the one that fits you best and to get the most wearing time from it. These devices are very carefully made. You can get an external catheter in a variety of sizes, with and without adhesive and with other unique features.

External Catheter: Tips and Advice

Choosing the Right External Catheter

There are some basic factors to consider when selecting a catheter that suits individual needs:

  • Ease of use
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity
  • Cost

If you are not allergic to latex then the latex male external catheter may be the perfect option for you. And if you are looking for a catheter that will be well suited to the skin or comfortable to wear, you can go with the silicone male external catheter.

Silicone Catheters:

There are brands like Coloplast, Rochester, and Hollister that tend to focus on silicone catheters. Latex-free condom catheters are available for those who may have a latex allergy. So if you have allergy from latex, these brands may be better to go with. Also, silicone catheters feature adhesion.

Some common advantages of silicone catheter are:

  • Even adhesion
  • Breathable
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Odor-free material
  • Apparent casing

Latex Catheters:

People who do not have a latex allergy can go with brands like Rusch and Cardinal as they focus more on latex catheters. These catheters normally come without adhesive and so you need to get adhesive foam strips. If you plan to wear external catheter during the daytime only then you probably should consider the catheter without adhesive. If you urinate regularly and still have some leakage in between you must consider either a reusable condom catheter with an inflatable ring or the self-adhesive condom catheter with a removable tip. They are easy to remove and replace each time you urinate or catheterize.

Read thoroughly the product description and specification for your specific requirement.

Tips to put on External Catheters

  • Use the measuring guide to buy the right size of condom catheter.
  • Clip any pubic hair before you put on a condom catheter as it might get caught.
  • Blot dry your penis after washing it carefully.
  • Ensure the skin is dry and warm (avoid humidity).

Condom catheter causes a problem when they are improperly used for long duration. A man with reduced penile sensation may not be aware that the problem has started. Specially trained nurses can help prevent many of these problems by ensuring the use of correct size and application techniques. Consistent monitoring is done to catch problems in the early stage.



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