Tapered Tip

Tapered tip catheter is the standard type of coude catheter. The unique design of its insertion tip has a short, but strong curve. The tip becomes narrower at the insertion point of the catheter. It is easy to insert into ureteral orifice and navigate through tight strictures. It can also be used for bypassing urethral or stomal false passages, enlarged prostates or any other urethral traumas. Shop Catheters offers a wide range of tapered tip catheters like Coloplast SpeediCath Male Intermittent Catheter - Tapered Tip, Coloplast Folysil Indwelling Catheters - Tapered Tip, Rochester Magic3 All Silicone Male Intermittent Catheter and many more from top-selling manufacturers like Self-Cath, Lofric, Magic3, Rusch, etc.