Urological Supplies

Urological supplies include all those products that help in the continence care of people. They help in directly voiding the urine if the user is not able to do so normally. Some of the commonly used urology supplies available at Shop Catheters are catheter holder or straps, catheter lubricants, enema supplies, insertion trays, irrigation products, penile clamps, pessaries, urinals, tubings and connectors. All these products are from top-selling brands like Bardia, AMSure, Bardex, EvaCare, Kendall, Rusch, etc.

Catheter Holder/Straps

Catheter holders or leg straps are used to secure urinary catheters and tubings in place. These urological supplies help in preventing the painful pulling or slipping of catheter tubes due to regular movements of the leg.

Catheter Lubricants

Catheter lubricants make the process of self-catheterization simple and pain-free for patients. They are usually water-soluble, stain-free, latex-free and odor-free to suit a majority of users.

Enema Supplies/Suppositories

Enema supplies and suppositories help in cleansing the entire colon completely. These urological products can also help in relieving constipation and producing bowel movements in a short time.

Insertion Trays

Insertion trays make the process of catheterization much simpler and convenient. They include all the products necessary for complete catheterization like swab sticks, lubricants, syringes, gloves, underpads, collection devices, etc.

Irrigation Products

Irrigation products help in irrigating bladder and wounds. They can also help in aspiration. Irrigation products include irrigation solution container, irrigation syringes, collection trays, wipes, etc.

Penile Clamps

Penile Clamps put slight pressure on the penis and help in controlling bladder leakage. They manage male incontinence without any requirement of surgery or drugs.


Pessaries are designed to decrease the urine leakage and treat prolapse. They are placed in the vagina to support bladder, rectum, and uterus. These urological supplies come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Tubings and Connectors

Catheter tubings and connectors are used to extend the connection between catheters and urine collection bags. They increase the space between a catheter and a urine bag, allowing users to easily toss and turn at night.


Urinals and bedpans provide a complete toilet system to people who face difficulty in getting out of the bed. They come in a wide variety of forms and functions to meet the specific user requirements.

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