Olive Tip Catheter

Olive Tip Catheter is a type of coude tip catheter, which features a rounded or ball-shaped tip with a slight curve. It allows for easy and comfortable insertion by providing a smooth passage around the obstructions in the bladder. At Shop Catheters, we provide you with a wide range of olive tipped catheters including Coloplast Self-Cath Coude Olive Tip Intermittent Catheter With Guide Stripe, PECO Medical Coude Olive Tip Polished Eye Intermittent Catheter, Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System Olive Coude Tip Intermittent Catheter, etc. from various top-selling brands like Self-Cath, Bardex, Bardia, Clean Cath, Rusch and many more.

Benefits of Using Olive Tip Catheter

  • Suitable for situations like false passages, where a standard coude or Tiemann tip might create problems. 
  • Small ball-shaped tip can help women in identifying the urinary meatus. 
  • Helpful in conditions where insertion becomes difficult due to blockage in the urethra pathway or narrowing of the urethra. 
  • Easier to pass through the prostatic curve. 
  • Some models come with a guide stripe that helps the user to determine the placement of the angled tip of the catheter.