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Urine Drainage Bag is designed to collect and store the urine that comes out of the catheter. It can either be a smaller leg bag that is ideal for daytime or a larger bedside bag that is suitable for night use. There are also nephrostomy drainage bags that collect the urine directly from kidney, belly bags that are wrapped around the abdomen and chest drainage systems that drain the fluid built up due to pleural effusion. Urine drainage bags with urine meters help in monitoring the urine output. Our user-friendly drainage bags are available in both disposable and reusable bag varieties. Brands like Kendall, Dispoz-A-Bag, Asept, Rusch and Conveen are featured here at unbelievable prices!

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Urine Leg Bags

Urine leg bags temporarily store urine in case of urinary retention, urinary incontinence or surgery. They are smaller in size and capacity than bedside drainage bags. Leg bags are ideal for day use and allow for easy movements. They can be discreetly worn under the clothing, maintaining the dignity of users when they go out.

Bedside Drainage Bags

Bedside drainage bags have a large capacity to assist users with limited mobility throughout the night. They are kept away from the body and attached to a bed or wheelchair. Bedside drainage bags are generally connected to the Foley indwelling catheters.

Nephrostomy Drainage Bags

Nephrostomy drainage bags are designed to collect urine that is drained from the kidney via a nephrostomy catheter. They usually feature a luer lock adapter for secure connection and an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine backflow.

Urine Meters

Urine drainage bags with urine meters help in measuring the urine output. They are generally used for critically ill patients or post surgical procedures. They come with accurate graduations for proper monitoring of urine.

Belly Bags

Belly bags are preferred by individuals who do not want to use a leg bag. They help in storing biliary or nephrostomy drainage. Belly bags, as the name suggests, are wrapped around the belly and allow for easy movements throughout the day.

Chest Drainage Systems

Chest drainage systems are used to drain the unusual amounts of fluid that gets collected around the lungs. The collection of fluid around lungs is called pleural effusion.

Leg Bag Accessories

Leg bag accessories include the products that make the experience of wearing a leg bag more comfortable. They include leg bag straps, covers, holders, etc. to conveniently hold the urine drainage bag in place.

Drainage Bag Accessories

Drainage bag accessories include the products that help in the better management of a urinary drainage bag. They include urine bag hanger, urine collection bag holder, etc. to conveniently store the bag and excess tubing.

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