Lofric hydrophilic catheters are coated with a low-friction hydrophilic coating that gets activated by water and makes the entire process of catheterization from insertion to removal, smooth and comfortable. No extra lubrication is needed by these catheters. Some of the popular Lofric catheters are Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Coude Catheter, LoFric Hydrophilic Intermittent Male Catheter, LoFric Primo Hydrophilic Intermittent Female Catheter and many more.

Urotonic Surface Technology of Lofric Catheters

Urotonic Surface Technology used by LoFric catheters makes bladder emptying more gentle and easier. It is a chemical process that makes the catheter surface isotonic to urine. This means that the content of salt on the surface of the catheter is the same as in the urine. It is due to this salt content that the water on the moist surface stays there during the entire process of catheterization. That is why the LoFric catheters are just as smooth, slippery and comfortable coming out as they are going in.