Self-Adhesive Male External Catheters

Self-Adhesive Male External Catheters are designed to manage male urinary incontinence. They are constructed with a flexible sheath that fixes over the penis like a condom. Male external catheters are a great alternative for more invasive catheterization, as in case of intermittent catheterization that requires a tube to be inserted up the urethra. It is also good for self-catheterization as it is extremely easy and convenient to use. Self-Adhesive External catheters affixes to the body with a secure adhesive to help reduce the chances of dislodgement accidents and increase the wear time. Condom Catheters are available in both latex and latex free types.

When to use Self-Adhesive Male External Catheters?

As stated earlier, External Condom Catheters are a non-invasive way to manage male urinary incontinence. More specific indications for these devices include the succeeding conditions:

  • Damage to sphincter due to prostatectomy
  • Impaired vision or decreased mobility due to diseases like dementia
  • Spinal cord injuries causing Reflexive voiding
  • Urinary frequency or urge that is unmanageable
  • For safety concerns


How to use Self-Adhesive External Catheters?

Application of External Catheters:

  • For successful use, male condom catheter should be applied properly.
  • Firstly remove any residual adhesive or ointments that have been previously applied. It is a necessary step for adhesive to work properly.
  • Thoroughly wash the penis with soap and water.
  • Thereafter, completely dry the penis so that no more water is left on it.
  • Leave the foreskin down in its natural position while applying the self-adhesive male external catheter. Apply it normally if you do not have foreskin.

Removal of External Catheters:

  • Adhesive removers are usually helpful for removing appliances that stick to the skin.
  • They help in easy and pain-free removal without harming the skin.
  • Adhesive removers are available in a wide variety at Shop Catheters in the form of wipes and liquids

Contraindications for Male External Catheters

Contraindications for self-adhesive male condom catheters include the stated conditions:

  • Latex allergy
  • Adhesive sensitivity
  • Catheter induced hypospadias
  • Complications with penis like open lesions, skin irritations or ulcers
  • Paraphimosis
  • Phimosis

At Shop Catheters, top-quality Self-adhesive Male External catheters are available from top brands to take care of your loved ones, fighting with their incontinence and to keep their heads high with dignity.

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