Hollister Extended Wear Latex Male External Condom Catheter

Hollister Extended Wear Latex Male External Condom Catheter

  • FSA Approved

Hollister Extended Wear Latex Male External Condom Catheter is designed to safely conduct urine through double convolutions that resist kinking and twisting, keeping fluid pathway open. It improves skin care by inner flap that minimizes urine back flow and prevents skin irritation. Catheter is easy to apply with its plastic collar that securely attaches and seals to the skin by its integral adhesive.

Hollister Extended Wear Male External Catheter Features:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Latex
  • Tapered tip

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
9206 Small (22-25mm), Green Each $0.11
9206 Small (22-25mm), Green 30/Pack $3.25
9207 Medium (26-30mm), Purple Each $0.11
9207 Medium (26-30mm), Purple 30/Pack $3.25
9208 Intermediate (31-35mm), Tan Each $0.11
9208 Intermediate (31-35mm), Tan 30/Pack $3.25
9209 Large (36-39mm), Blue Each $0.11
9209 Large (36-39mm), Blue 30/Pack $3.25

Benefits of Extended Wear Latex Male Condom Catheter

  • Help drain urine freely:
    • Double-row convolutions are designed to resist kinking and twisting
  • Stay in place:
    • Skin friendly adhesive helps maximize wear time and helps prevent accidental detachment
  • Fit most leg and night drainage bags:
    • The tapered tip helps ensure a secure connection
  • Help protect skin:
    • The inner flap of the Extended Wear external catheter helps prevent urine backflow which can irritate skin
  • Easy to apply:
    • The application collar helps make it easy to place the catheter over the glans
  • Easy to wear:
    • Non-irritating latex is soft and comfortable, and can be crimped for a custom fit
  • Easy to remove:
    • Gentle adhesive keeps the catheter in place yet allows for easy removal

What to buy with Male Condom Catheter?

Hollister Male External Condom Catheter Instruction Manual

How to use Extended Wear Latex Condom Catheter?

  • Wash, rinse, and thoroughly dry the penis. Do not use lotions, powders, or emollients on the skin. Trim hair as needed
  • Be sure to have good visualization and access to the area
  • Place thumb and forefinger in the finger cuts on the application collar and pinch the catheter closed
  • Position the external catheter on the penis so that the inner flap touches the glans, taking care
  • not to position the entire glans through the inner flap. Then, unroll the catheter onto the penis in a drawing motion toward the base
  • Do not force the plastic collar onto the penis. Remove and discard the application collar after the catheter is in place
  • Gently squeeze to ensure good contact between the adhesive and the skin. Pinch up an excess latex material for a custom fit all along the shaft. Do not attempt to reposition the catheter once it is placed.
  • Connect to a bedside collector or a leg bag
  • Secure the tubing leading to either a leg bag or gravity drainage bag to the individual’s thigh to prevent unnecessary tugging on the catheter
  • Position the tubing for the leg bag or gravity drainage bag below the level of the bladder

CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction. Do not use on irritated or compromised skin. Do not use if allergic reaction occurs. Prior to using the Extended Wear Male External Catheter, be sure to read the entire product Instructions for Use that accompany the product.

Extended Wear Male Condom Catheter FAQ

Q: How long do these catheters stay on?

A: A variety of factors such as application technique, individual anatomy and condition of the skin may influence wear time. With proper application, the user can expect up to 24 hours of wear time.

Q: Is sizing important in selecting the right external catheter?

A: Yes. The Hollister sizing guide is available to help in proper catheter size selection. If the patient is between sizes, select the larger of the two sizes, apply the catheter, and crimp the excess latex material on the shaft so the urine does not channel beneath the catheter and cause leakage.

Q: How should I clean the bedside collector or leg bag used with an external catheter?

A: There are several commercially available products to clean urine collection devices. The Hollister m9 cleaner/decrystallizer is one such product. The m9 cleaner/decrystallizer is odorless, pH balanced, and comes with its own mixing bottle with a tapered tip to fit inside most tubing. A bleach solution is not recommended.

Q: What is the best way to remove the external catheter?

A: Gently roll the catheter off the skin. A warm, wet washcloth, held over the catheter for approximately 30 seconds may help weaken the adhesive for easier removal in some cases. Adhesive remover wipes may also be helpful.

Q: Can a protective barrier wipe (such as Hollister skin gel protective dressing wipes) be used on the skin?

A: Not initially recommended, but the barrier may be helpful if the skin is fragile.

Q: Can external catheters be used on an uncircumcised penis?

A: Yes. Apply the catheter with the foreskin in its natural position.

Hollister Condom Catheter Specifications

Catheter MaterialLatex
Catheter Size22-25mm,26-30mm,31-35mm,36-39mm

Adhesive Type


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