PVC Catheter

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PVC catheter is made up of polyvinyl chloride, a plastic material that is used widely for medical products like tubing, examination gloves, blood bags, etc. It features a firm surface for easy insertion yet soft enough to be slightly pliable. It is also known as vinyl catheter. PVC catheter eliminates the latex allergy concerns.

Why choose PVC Catheters?

  • Clear material lets the user see the output. 
  • Firm yet pliable enough for quick and easy insertion. 
  • Suitable for people with latex-allergies as it is completely free of latex. 
  • Some brands come with color-coded funnels for easy gripping and size identification. 
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the eyelets can be polished or cold-punched, which is a factor in overall comfort.

Where to buy PVC Urinary Catheter Online?

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