Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter



One of the most accurate methods of measuring core body temperature is to take the temperature via a bladder catheter. Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter is used for this purpose. It helps in measuring the urine temperature present inside the bladder which further determines the core body temperature. This type of Foley catheter has a temperature sensor near the tip and a wire that connects the sensor to the temperature monitor. It is recommended for intensive care as well as some surgical procedures.

Benefits of Using Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter

  • Useful in situations where abnormal temperature may indicate inflammation, systemic infection or other thermoregulatory issues. 
  • Use of temperature sensing Foley catheter in maintaining normothermia can help avoid cardiac events, SSIs, longer recovery times, bleeding and longer drug onsets and durations.
  • Beneficial for brain health because the temperature of bladder accurately correlates to brain temperature. 
  • Allows for continuous temperature measurement. 
  • Compatible with most anesthesia machines, patient monitors and hypothermia units.

When to Use Foley catheter with Temperature Sensor?

Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter can be used by individuals if they suffer from any of the below given conditions:

  • Post urological procedures where there are chances of bleeding within the bladder 
  • Benign prostates
  • After clot evacuation in hematuric patients with a whistle tip 
  • Trans urethral resection of bladder tumors 


Where to buy Temperature Foley Catheter Online?

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