Medicath LLC. is a renowned manufacturer of urological supplies. It is famous for its high-quality urinary catheters that help the users drain urine from the bladder. Medicath catheters come with insertion supplies and water sachets to make the process of catheterization a breeze for users. They are made from high-quality medicated materials that offer comfort and cleanliness. Medicath Hi-Slip catheters are superior intermittent catheters that aim at making catheterization a simple and comfortable task for the users and their family. Their hydrophilic coating allows for easy and trauma-free catheter insertion and removal. They are available in the Hi-Slip Plus and Hi-Slip Full Plus versions to enhance the cathing experience of individuals.

Why Choose Medicath Catheters?

  • Hydrophilic coating of Medicath catheters is clinically proven to reduce the risk of urethral damage and urinary tract infections.
  • The specially coated surface of hydrophilic catheters binds with water and makes the surface extremely slippery for easy insertion.
  • No lubricating gel is required for catheterization.