Red Rubber Catheter


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Red rubber catheter is made up of latex that makes it very flexible and pliable. It provides a soft and comfortable feel for trauma-free catheterization. Red rubber catheter is also called latex catheter. It is suitable for both men and women who require a flexible urinary catheter. It can be an intermittent catheter that is left in the bladder only for a short period or a Foley catheter that can be left in for an extended period.

Features of Red Rubber Catheter

  • Material of the red rubber catheter warms up easily to the temperature of surroundings and becomes easily pliable.
  • Mostly comes in red color. Sometimes it may also appear brown or orange.
  • Super soft and very flexible.
  • Its funnel is not color-coded for size identification because whole of the catheter is made up of latex.
  • All red rubber catheters are opaque.
  • It is not suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

Where to buy Red Rubber Urinary Catheter online?

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