Cure Medical

All the Cure Medical products are manufactured without the use of latex which is a common allergen, DEHP which is a carcinogen and BPA. Cure Medical employs an ultrasonic process to ensure that all the catheters have polished and exceptionally smooth eyelets. Along with this it also makes sure that the products are easy to use and their high quality is consistently maintained. The Cure Medical product range includes Cure Catheter with Straight Tip, Cure Catheter with Coude Tip, Cure Closed System, etc.


Cure Closed Systems and Cure Catheters are comfortable, safe and easy to use. Many of them are even ready-to-use right after opening the package. Cure Medical catheters function just like other intermittent catheters, but add extra comfort features and use fewer chemicals for optimal patient care. Cure Closed Systems come pre-lubricated and do not require any additional lubrication or preparation. They provide users with a safe and simple means of catheterization that minimizes the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs).