External Catheter Accessories

External Catheter Accessories are quite important for a good catheter experience. They help men in affixing and removing the external catheters for successful emptying of urine from the bladder. Users usually appreciate the freedom and ease of use these condom catheter accessories provide. They include products like skin adhesive, adhesive remover, adhesive strips, catheter straps, etc. Shop Catheters offers a wide assortment of external catheter accessories to meet the specific user requirements.

Some of the Common External Catheter Accessories

Some of the widely used condom catheter accessories are explained below:

Skin Adhesive

Skin adhesive or skin glue is used to affix non-permanent material to the body. It adheres to many surfaces like skin, fabric, silicone, plastics, organic rubber products, etc. Skin adhesive usually retain there adhesive properties in the presence of perspiration and moisture.

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive remover is used to remove any adhesive residue left after removing the external catheter. It can also be used to remove dressings, tapes, wound closure strips, tubes, etc. The gentle, non-irritating formula minimizes the adhesive trauma caused to the skin by dissolving the adhesive thoroughly.

Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are designed to secure the male external catheters to the skin. They can be used on non-adhering catheters to affix the catheter to the penis and on self-adhering catheters to provide additional security. Their soft, pliable material provides a comfortable and air-tight seal for better securement.

Catheter Straps

Catheter straps are a good alternative to numerous changes of adhesive strips and tapes. They are fully adjustable to meet the individual needs and provide a comfortable fit. These external catheter accessories have elasticized cotton loop construction that allows them to be fastened anywhere along the length of the strap.


Shop Catheters provides you a wide range of external catheter accessories from well-known brands like Uro-Bond, Urofoam, Uro-Strap, ProCare, etc.