Funnel End Catheter

Funnel End Catheter has a funnel on one end and the catheter tip that is used for insertion on the other. The funnel end helps in draining urine into the receptacle or toilet. A catheter with funnel end can also be used to attach a urine drainage bag. At Shop Catheters, there is a wide range of funnel end catheters available from various top-selling manufacturers like Bard, Hollister, Teleflex, Coloplast, Cure Medical, etc. Some of the popular funnel end catheters are Cure Male Intermittent Catheter - 16 Inches, Hollister Apogee Plus Touch Free Intermittent Catheter, Amsino AMSure Male PVC Urethral Catheter and many more.

Applications of Funnel End Catheter

  • Helps in determining the size of the catheter.
  • Allows holding the catheter without losing the sterility.
  • Can be attached to a urine collection bag if someone wants to catheterize while in bed or want to collect the urine for measuring output.
  • Can also be connected to an extension tube so that an extra length is created to reach the toilet or urinal. 
  • Attaches to a syringe for flushing the bladder with liquid or injecting medications into the bladder.
  • If complete emptying is not possible just by inserting the catheter, funnel end can be connected to a bulb syringe for sucking urine from the bladder.
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