Bedside Drainage Bags

Bedside Drainage bags, also known as the large capacity night bags are designed basically to provide additional capacity to last through the night or for patients who are confined to a bed or wheelchair. These bags are mostly held away from the body either on a floor stand or hanger that hooks onto the frame of the bed or chair. It is also possible to link them to a leg bag forming a system for overnight use.

Drainage bags are available in 2000 ml and 4000 ml sizes. Drainage bags are also available with:

  • Sample ports
  • Splashguard drain spouts
  • Anti-reflux valves
  • Easy to read volume measurements
  • Elongated urinary drain tubing and a clamp valve

Bedside drainage bags are often larger than leg bags and are available in single use or reusable types. Single use drainage bags come with a tear-off portion or single-use tap that allow urine drainage, before disposal. Reusable Bags can be used for 5-7 nights before disposing them. Bedside drainage bags for indwelling catheters must always be positioned off the floor on a floor stand or hook in order to reduce the risk of infection. It is advisable to always keep the urine collection bag below the level of your bladder, which is the same as the level of your waist to prevent the urine from flowing back into the bladder from the catheter tubing and urine bag, which could also lead to an infection.

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