Hydrophilic Catheter

Hydrophilic catheters are designed for those individuals who experience pain, discomfort or pressure during catheterization. They are pre-lubricated and hydrated to allow for easy and comfortable insertion. The lubrication of these hydrophilic coated catheters enhances their gliding properties. They provide better patient care and minimize the risk of urethral damage due to friction. Shop Catheters offers a wide assortment of hydrophilic urinary catheters from various top-selling brands like Bardex, Lofric, Rusch, Speedicath, Self-Cath, etc.

How does Hydrophilic Catheter work?

Hydrophilic catheter is pre-lubricated with a coating that is bound to its surface. When the coating comes in the contact of water, it forms a smooth, thick and slippery surface on the catheter. This surface is virtually friction-free and allows for pain-free insertion and removal without any need of lubricants. The layer of coating remains intact and makes sure that the entire urethra is lubricated. Hydrophilic coated catheter helps in minimizing the trauma to the urethra and the risks of developing urinary tract infections.


Hydrophilic urinary catheters come with sterile saline solution, which is either present in a foil packet or in the catheter package itself. If it comes in a foil packet, you should first release the hydrophilic properties of the catheter.

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