Urine Meters

Urine meters accompany some urinary drainage bags to measure the urine output of users. They are mostly used for post operative or critically ill patients, where measurement of urine output is necessary. Urine Meters have accurately marked graduations to help monitor the output of urine properly. Shop Catheters provides a wide variety of urine meters to meet specific user requirements. Some of them are Covidien Dover Precision 400 Urine Meter With Luer Lock, Arcus Afex Large Bed Side Drainage Bag with Urine Meter, Bard Infection Control Drainage Bag With Urine Meter, etc.

Benefits of using Urine Meters

  • Ideal for precise measurements where output is critically important
  • Provide accurate measurement of urine output
  • Clearly indicated graduation scales for better understanding
  • White background of urine meter provides better readability
  • Ease of use allows users to monitor the output themselves without any professional guidance


Shop Catheters offers a wide range of urine meters from popular manufacturers like Covidien, Arcus Medical, Bard, etc.

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