Bedpans and Urinals are designed to provide a complete urinal system to people who find it difficult getting out of their beds. They come in a wide variety of forms and function to help both men and women overcome their incontinence problems. Shop Catheters offers a wide assortment of toileting aids including hospital and medical urinals from top-selling manufacturers like Advantage Urinal Systems, Mckesson, Covidien, Drive Medical, Medegen Medical, etc.

Difference Between Bedpans and Urinals

Although bedpans and urinals serve the same purpose, there are some basic differences between them.


Urinal is used in a sitting or standing position. It is helpful to people who are wheelchair or homebound and need assistance while toileting. Urinal is quick and safe to use, enhances user independence and ensures fewer accidents. It is also easy to drain and easy to clean. If there is any requirement of measuring and monitoring the urine output, then the use of graduated urinal is more preferable.


Bedpan is usually used in a sitting or lying position. It easily slides under the body and creates a flexible and comfortable seat that cradles the hips of the patient. Bedpan makes toileting easy while lying on the bed, especially for people who cannot get out of the bed independently.

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