Complete Guide to Using External Catheter

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Male External Catheters, commonly referred to as condom catheters, are used by men to treat urinary incontinence. They cover the penis with an opening at the end that extends to the connection with a drainage bag. It is important to fit the catheter well in both diameter and length. Improper fitting can cause leakage and skin irritation.  

How to use Male External Catheters?

  1. Ensure the skin is clean and dry, as well as free from any kind of lotion or ointment.
  2. Clip or trim the area of pubic hair and use a protectant wipe to clean the area if required.
  3. Use the measuring guide to measure the circumference and buy the right size of condom catheter. Different circumference sizes are available in standard length, sport length, and long length catheters.
  4. Hold your penis properly and place the male condom catheter over it.
  5. Have enough space at the end of the external catheter so the head of your penis does not rub against the inside of it.
  6. Press the catheter against your skin to ensure proper adhesion.
  7. Hold and grip your penis for around 10-15 seconds to remove all the air bubble and to ensure any wrinkles in the condom are sealed together. If there are several wrinkles in the sheath, then the possibility is that the condom catheter is probably too large for you to put on.
  8. It might be possible that you will need additional adhesive.
  9. Insert the plastic connector of the tubing into the catheter tip to connect it.
  10. Carefully cut the remaining roll (if remained) to ensure that the roll will not cause pressure sores at the base of the penis or cause the condom catheter to come off.
Complete Guide to Using External Catheter Complete Guide to Using External Catheter Complete Guide to Using External Catheter
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Care Tips for using Condom Catheter

  • External male catheters should be changed in every 24 hours.
  • Thoroughly inspect the skin to ensure proper integrity.
  • When removing, detach the catheter from the urine collection system and carefully roll the catheter off.
  • Use adhesive remover to assist in the removal process.
  • Wash skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Dry the skin carefully while ensuring that there is no soap left behind.
  • Avoid using moisture barrier creams or any other ointments that may disrupt the adhesive included with some catheters.
  • Do not use an adhesive tape to affix the catheter to the penis, as it can lead to complications like penis restriction, inflexibility of the catheter etc.
Complete Guide to Using External Catheter Complete Guide to Using External Catheter Complete Guide to Using External Catheter
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Most uncircumcised men prefer leaving their foreskin in place, that is, over the head of the penis. If the foreskin of uncircumcised man is not kept over the head of the penis then there is a possibility of serious swelling. In such a case visit your nearest medical center.



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