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There are several different types of catheters designed for specific needs, but finding the right one shouldn’t be a challenge. We make it easy to choose the right catheter the first time. Shop our wide selection from top-selling brands like Kendall, Lofric, Self-Cath, Rusch, Bardex, and more.

Common Catheter Types

Select the catheter type based on these features:

Catheter Tip

  • Coude Tip Catheter: A slightly bent or curved tip for easy insertion.
  • Straight Tip Catheter: Catheter is straight from one end to the other.
  • Round Tip Catheter: Smooth and very comfortable.
  • Tapered Tip Catheter: A type of coude tip that becomes narrower at the insertion point.
  • Olive Tip Catheter: A coude catheter with a ball-shaped tip.

Catheter Material

  • PVC Catheter: Polyvinyl chloride provides a firm surface for easy insertion.
  • Latex Catheter: Very soft and flexible.
  • Anti-Bacterial Catheter: Coated with Nitrofurazone to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Red Rubber Catheter: Made with red-colored, soft, flexible latex.
  • Silicone Catheter: Super smooth with a flexibility between latex and PVC catheters.

Catheter Use

  • Suction Catheter: Extracts respiratory secretions like saliva or mucus.
  • IV Catheter: Delivers IV fluids and medications.
  • Urethral Catheter: Draisn urine from the bladder via the urethra.
  • Suprapubic Catheter: Drains urine from the bladder via a cut in the abdomen.