Penile Clamps



Penile Clamps are external clamps that gently apply pressure to the top of the penis as well as the urethra on the underside to effectively control bladder leakage. Using penile clamps is a safe and secure method that requires no surgery or drugs to treat male incontinence. They have proven useful for men with obesity, those who have diabetes, those with loss of bladder control due to age, or men who are recovering from prostate surgery. At Shop Catheters you may choose from popular products like Bard Cunningham Penile Clamp, Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device, etc. to meet your incontinence needs.

Applications of Penile Clamps

  • According to most men, incontinence clamps are best suited for short periods, when undergoing an energetic activity like swimming, jogging, etc. 
  • Some men also use penile clamps as a regular product, releasing them to pass urine whenever required.
  • Others use them to reduce the amount of urine leakage to an acceptable level so that they can switch on to a smaller pad.

Who can use Penile Clamps?

Penile clamp for incontinence can be used by those people who:

  • Want to prevent urine leakage for a specific period
  • Have normal feeling in their penis
  • Have stress urinary incontinence
  • Remember to release their penis clamp regularly
  • Want to prevent leakage rather than containing it
  • Want a discreet product for an active lifestyle