Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device

Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device

Brand/Manufacturer: PERSONAL MED
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  • Non Returnable

The Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device is a comfortable, reliable, and controlled penile clamp that regulates male urine leakage. This clamp is a low-cost, respectful way to deal with mild-to-moderate urine leaks. C3 is cradle-like in shape, clamping evenly around the penis and applying pressure only where it's needed, on the urethra. This stops involuntary pee loss but does not shut off blood flow. C3 Incontinence Device is made from materials carefully selected to improve patient comfort.

Personal Medical C3 Male Incontinence Device Highlights

  • Dignified solution
  • Effective
  • Disposable
  • Elastic strap 


Best Price Guarantee

Item # Desc Pkg Price
91030-015 Regular, 2.5" - 4" Each
91030-015 Regular, 2.5" - 4" 6/Pack
91030-016 Large, 4" - 5.5" Each
91030-016 Large, 4" - 5.5" 6/Pack

C3 Incontinence Device Features

  • personal medical c3 male incontinence device is effective for mild to moderate urine leakage
  • The dignified solution, easily concealed.
  •  C3 male incontinence device does not impede blood flow.
  • More economical than other absorbent products
  • Compact and easy to conceal Penile Clamp
  • An elastic strap holds the device in place, letting users go about their daily routine without worrying.
  • Hygiene doesn't have to be an issue, either.
  • Disposable C3 is well priced so that users can change the device at a regular interval
  • Note: Personal medical c3 male incontinence device is Non-Returnable


What to Buy with Male Incontinence Device?


How to Use C3 Incontinence Device?


  • Unfasten the strap on a flat device and place penis through the opening.
  • The foam side should face in and the strap should be on top.
  • Fold the device towards body to close it around penis (The hinges where the device sticks out should be away from the body and the section with the bump should be underneath penis).
  • Position the personal medical c3 male incontinence device an inch or so away from body before tightening the strap.


How to Determine the Right Size of C3 Penile Clamp?

C3 Male Incontinence Device comes in two sizes. Follow these instructions to pick the correct size:



  • Use an elastic tape measure.
  • Measure just a non-erect penis.
  • For most satisfactory results, conduct sizing when the body is at room temperature. For example, do not conduct the sizing directly after a shower. Cover the tape measure around the penis, one to two inches from the body. (Do not measure the length).
  • Read the number in inches when the tape measure is snug around the penis. Do not pull tightly.



Particulars Size
Large 4" - 5.5"
Regular 2.5" - 4"


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