Steps to Insert an IV

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IV Catheter

IV stands for intravenous that is giving medicines or fluids through a needle or tube (catheter) which directly goes into a vein. The needle is usually placed in a vein near the elbow, the wrist, or on the back of the hand. Different sites can be used if necessary. Proper and successful insertion of IV places its own importance as it can even cause discomfort to the patient.

How to insert an IV Catheter?

  • Find a good vein to insert the IV. Usually it is the large vein located on the underside of the forearm and is most often used.
  • Apply a tourniquet just a few inches above the site to get your veins to swell up for easy iv catheter insertion.
  • Disinfect the area with an alcohol pad. Wipe gently but thoroughly, ensuring an even coat of alcohol. This minimizes the chance of infection.
  • Use the right size of catheter . Ensure the needle doesn't touch anything other than the patient's skin. This can compromise their sterility and increase the risk of infection.
  • Stabilise the patient's limb with gentle pressure, taking care not to touch the IV site directly.
  • Remove the cap on the catheter and tightly pull the skin around the IV site. Insert the needle with minimum angle (as parallel to the skin as possible).
  • The flashback of blood in the catheter’s applicator will indicate that the vein has been hit, advance the needle one more centimetre (cm) into the vein.
  • Pull the needle back about 1 centimetre out of the vein. When the cannula is seated in the vein, remove the tourniquet and put a sterile bandage over the lower half of the catheter hub.
  • Dispose the needle for the safety of everyone involved and remove the tourniquet to prevent discomfort.
  • Now apply a piece of tape to the area around the catheter while attaching the IV tubing. Ensure there are no twists in the loop.

To ease the process you can use BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter that incorporates the BD push-button shielding technology, designed to safeguard clinicians from accidental needle sticks. These catheters are made of BD Vialon biomaterial which softens when in the vein and reduce the risk of phlebitis and increase dwell times.

You can even use B. Braun Introcan Safety Polyurethane Straight IV Catheter which is a passive safety device that is automatically activated and cannot be bypassed. It helps ensure first stick success and patient comfort through quick visualization of both syringe and catheter flashback.

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