Nephrostomy is a medical procedure that is performed to drain urine in case there is a blockage in the ureter. When the ureters get blocked due to blood clots or stones, urine stays in the kidneys and causes problems. The nephrostomy tube is then inserted in the kidney to drain urine directly from there. The drained urine is collected into the nephrostomy bags. At Shop Catheters, we offer a wide range of nephrostomy products from various top-selling manufacturers like Cook VPI, Merit Medical, Remington Medical, etc. These products are indicated for pelvic tumors, prostate cancer, damage to the urinary system and many other conditions.

How do Nephrostomy Products work?

Normally, urine is carried from the kidneys to the bladder via long, narrow tubes called ureters. Sometimes, ureter can become blocked due to tumors, kidney stones, blood clots or infections. In such situations, nephrostomy supplies are used to restore the flow of urine. A tunnel is made from the surface of the lower back to the kidney. Through the tunnel, a nephrostomy tube is inserted and left inside the kidney to drain urine. The drained urine is collected into a nephrostomy drainage bag and is emptied according to the user convenience.

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