Pre-fold/Flat Fold Diapers

We carry a useful range of pre-fold and flat fold diapers that are old-fashioned style garments but versatile and most economical. Pre-fold diaper is one which is folded to provide thickness in the center and slimness on the sides and then stitched. Flat fold diaper means a piece of flat cloth that has to be folded into shape before use. Usually, these are single layered but can be re-folded to increase absorbency. They can be used either as a brief or converted into an underpad. Pre-fold/flat fold diapers take up very little space and so, are easy to carry when traveling. Another huge advantage with these types is that they are very easy to wash and also dry quickly.

Absorbent Capacity
Incontinence Type
Briefs Style
Backsheet Material
Topsheet Material