Nephrostomy Drainage Bags



Nephrostomy Drainage Bags are used to collect urine drained from the kidney through a nephrostomy catheter. They usually have a luer lock adapter to provide secure connection to the nephrostomy tubes and an anti-reflux valve to prevent the backflow of urine towards the kidney. Depending on the requirement the nephrostomy drain bags can be single use (disposable) or reusable. Single use bags are disposed just after the first use. While reusable bags can be cleaned and stored until the next use.

Why use Nephrostomy Drainage Bags?

The Kidneys pass urine to the urinary bladder through a tube called the ureter. Ureter may become blocked for a various reasons (for e.g. kidney stones, tumors or cysts), thereby restricting the kidney function and even damage the kidney. Additionally, if the blocked urine becomes infected, it may lead to serious illnesses. To get over these situations a nephrostomy is performed which is an opening between the kidney and the skin. A tube made of plastic is passed through the skin to the kidney, to the site where the urine is collected. The nephrostomy tube drains the blocked urine in the ureter. This urine is collected into a drainage bag, commonly known as the nephrostomy bag.

How to clean Nephrostomy Drainage Bags?

  • To keep track, take the measurement of the urine collected in the bag. Do not wait for the collection bag to be full. Empty it when it is half or two-thirds full. Open the spout situated at the bottom of the drainage bag and empty the collected urine into the toilet.
  • In order to clean the bag you may require to detach the bag from the tube and replace it with another bag. There are solutions available to clean the tube. Ask your doctor to guide you on which solution you must use. Take a needle less plastic syringe and gently force the cleaning solution inside the urine bag as you clean it.
  • Read the instructions on the cleaning solution as for how much time you need to keep it within the drainage bag. Drain the solution out of the spout at the bottom.
  • After rinsing bag, hang it up to air dry before reusing it. Do not use reusable bags for more than a week.

Where to buy Nephrostomy Supplies online?

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