Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter

Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter

  • Prescription required
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter is truly an all-in-one catheter system. It includes a catheter with water and an integrated urine collection bag. Wheelchair users find it particularly convenient, and its collection bag also makes it ideal for bedridden patients in need of post-op bladder emptying. LoFric Hydro-Kit offers the freedom and reassurance to catheterise safely wherever the user is, whenever needed, whether toilet facilities are available or not.

Lofric Hydro-Kit is convenient and user-friendly catheter

  • Easy to use: any time, any place, everything included 
  • Insertion aid: for better control and non-touch technique 
  • Comfortable and slippery surface: Unique Urotonic Surface Technology

Item # Desc Pkg Price
4230840 With 8Fr Female Catheter, Blue Each
4230840 With 8Fr Female Catheter, Blue 10/Pack
4230840 With 8Fr Female Catheter, Blue 40/Pack
4231040 With 10Fr Female Catheter, Black Each
4231040 With 10Fr Female Catheter, Black 10/Pack
4231040 With 10Fr Female Catheter, Black 40/Pack
4231240 With 12Fr Female Catheter, White Each
4231240 With 12Fr Female Catheter, White 10/Pack
4231240 With 12Fr Female Catheter, White 40/Pack
4231840 With 18Fr Female Catheter, Red Each
4231840 With 18Fr Female Catheter, Red 10/Pack

Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter Features

Material composition Of Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter

  • Lofric Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter include:
    - 8" Long Lofric female intermittent catheter
    - Water pocket
    - 1000ml collection bag
  • Small and convenient with proven performance
  • Touch free handling guide enables a firm grip
  • Small, flexible and easy to handle
  • Minimizes discomfort and the risk of infections
  • Sterilized by irradiation
  • Hydrophilic single use catheter for every-day use or for healthcare use
  • Handling aid provides a firm grip without touching the catheter
  • Outer sleeve has been removed and two welded points keep the kit folded until ready for us
  • Urotonic Surface Technology for low friction and maximum comfort
  • Gives the lowest friction during insertion and withdrawal
  • An improved tear point makes it easier to open and empty the bag
  • Latex Free
  • Hydrophilic surface coating: poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)/PVP and table salt/NaCl 
  • Catheter: 8 products: medical grade poly(vinyl chloride)/PVC 
  • Plastic packaging: poly(ethylene butylacrylate)/EBA 
  • Water pocket: Laminate foil of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/PET, polyethylene/PE and Aluminium, Sterile water

Integrated sterile water sachet

  • Fold and press to release the water and activate the coating

Convenient loop

  • Use the loop to hang the bag or insert the thumb to hold it

Intended use

  • Catheter and collection bag for intermittent catheterization and bladder emptying

Urotonic Surface Technology:

  • This method has been developed to make bladder emptying easier and more gentle 
  • The secret behind Urotonic Surface Technology is a chemical process that makes the surface isotonic to urine 
  • This means that the salt content on the surface of the catheter is the same as in your urine 
  • This salt content makes the water on the moist surface stay there during the entire catheterization procedure 
  • Its why LoFric catheters are just as slippery coming out as they are going in

    Urotonic Surface Technology

Why Choose Lofric Catheters?

  • Lofric Catheters are most well-documented and tested catheters available. In fact, LoFric is the only hydrophilic catheter that can prove it reduces the risk of long-term complications. Clean intermittent catheterization is a painless therapy. The unique coating of LoFric catheters makes them as slippery on insertion as withdrawal. It is called Urotonic Surface Technology. This therapy and the social acceptance is nowadays very high. In most ways, the therapy with LoFric catheters improves the quality of life and with its ease of use it is a safe product to rely on.

    LoFric reduces the risk of both pain and damage:

  • LoFric catheters are coated with unique Urotonic Surface Technology, which means that LoFric surface has the same properties as your urethra  the salt concentration is the same as in urine. This ensures that the catheter remains smooth, comfortable and safe, both during insertion and withdrawal.

    Lofric Catheters are scientifically proven

  • LoFric is the only catheter proven in multiple studies to be safe for long-term use.

Instructions For Using Hydro-Kit Intermittent Female Catheter

  • Wash your hands and prepare the catheter. 
  • Separate the labia with one hand, and wash from front to back using a moist towelette or soap and water. 
  • Push your pelvis slightly forward. Spread the labia apart with the index and middle finger to find the opening to the urethra. The urethra is located just above the vaginal opening. You can use a LoFric magnified mirror (free to prescription patients) to help. 
  • With the other hand, insert the catheter slowly until urine starts to flow. When the flow slows to a drip, push the catheter in slightly to be sure all the urine is out, then withdraw the catheter slowly. 
  • Dispose of the catheter and wash your hands.

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