LoFric Primo Hydrophilic Intermittent Male Catheter

LoFric Primo Hydrophilic Intermittent Male Catheter

  • Prescription required
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

LoFric Primo Catheter is widely favored for its convenience, comfort, and safety during catheterization. Thanks to its urotonic surface technology, it provides low friction and maximum comfort. Particularly suitable for active individuals who enjoy outdoor activities, the LoFric Primo Catheter includes sterile water, enabling catheterization even in areas lacking clean water sources. The packaging ensures the sterile water remains separate from the catheter until needed.

Features of Wellspect LoFric Primo Catheter

  • Disposable catheter for single use
  • Compact and discreet, folds easily
  • Ensures safety with sterile packaging
  • Length: 16 inches for convenient use
  • Features a rounded Nelaton catheter tip
  • Latex-free, reducing the risk of allergies

Item # Desc Pkg Price
4100840 8FR , Blue Each
4100840 8FR , Blue 30/Pack
4101040 10FR , Black Each
4101040 10FR , Black 30/Pack
4101240 12FR , White Each
4101240 12FR , White 30/Pack
4101440 14FR , Green Each
4101440 14FR , Green 30/Pack
4101640 16FR , Orange Each
4101640 16FR , Orange 30/Pack
4101840 18FR , Red Each
4101840 18FR , Red 30/Pack

Benefits of Wellspect LoFric Primo Catheter

  • Single-use catheter is intended for clean intermittent urinary catheterization
  • Comes standard with a large loop for opening or hanging
  • Adhesive area on back for hanging up the package
  • Provides firm grip without needing to touch the catheter tube with your hands
  • More hygienic and less messy Perfect solution for people who are active and out of the home frequently
  • Connector comes in different colors that depend upon the diameter of the catheter
  • Can be attached to a standard urine collection bag or extension line
  • LoFric Primo comes with:
    • Sterile water
    • Insertion guide


LoFric Primo Catheter Features

Wellspect LoFric Primo Hydrophilic Male Intermittent Catheter_Parts 1. Large loop for opening and hanging
2. Adhesive area on the back for hanging up the package
3. Sterile water: A press on the water pocket makes the water rush down and activate the surface layer of catheter
4. Insertion guide: A firm grip without any need to touch the catheter with fingers
5. Urotonic Surface Technology for minimal friction during insertion and withdrawal
6. Smooth catheter eyes.

Lofric Primo User Manual


What is material composition of Lofric Primo Catheter?


  • Hydrophilic surface coating: Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)/PVP and table salt/NaCI
  • Catheter Medical grade poly(vinyl chloride)/PVC
  • Plastic packaging: Polyethylene/PE
  • Water pocket: Laminate foil of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/PET, polyethylene/PE and aluminium, sterile water


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Why should you choose Lofric Catheters?

  • LoFric catheters are the most well-documented and tested catheters available. In fact, LoFric is the only hydrophilic catheter that can prove it reduces the risk of long-term complications.
  • Clean intermittent catheterization is a painless therapy. The unique coating of LoFric catheters makes them as slippery on insertion as withdrawal. It is called Urotonic Surface Technology.
  • In most ways, the therapy with LoFric catheters improves the quality of life and with its ease of use it is a safe product to rely on.

Urotonic Surface Technology:

Urotonic Surface Technology


  • This technology integrated into the LoFric Primo Catheter is designed to make emptying the bladder easy and gentle
  • Urotonic Surface Technology makes the catheter tube surface isotonic to urine. The chemical process that occurs makes the salt content on the catheter tube same as that in the urine.
  • This salt content helps the moisture to stay on the tube during the entire process of catheterization making the catheter just as slippery coming out as going in.


How To Use Lofric Single Use Urinary Catheters?


1. Unfold the package. Hold the product upright.
How To Use Your LoFric Primo? 2. Fold the water pocket. Squeeze the water pocket and let the water run down to the catheter.
How To Use Your LoFric Primo? 3. Hang LoFric Primo using the upper loops or the adhesive area. Let it soak for 30 seconds while you prepare for insertion.
How To Use Your LoFric Primo? 4. Peel open packaging. Grip the package at the loops above the water pocket with both hands. Peel until the connector is exposed. Catheterise.

Sterilization And Shelf Life:

All catheters are sterilized by irradiation. Information about the recommended best before date is printed on the package


Lofric primo Specifications

Catheter Length

16 Inches

Catheter Material




Catheter Coating Hydrophilic, PVP

Catheter Funnel

Funnel End

Catheter Style

Coated Catheters

Catheter French Size



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