Hollister Urinary Leg Bag

Hollister Urinary Leg Bag

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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Hollister Leg Bag is perfect for urine collection, providing freedom of movement as it attaches discreetly to the leg, allowing the user to conceal it under clothing for added comfort. Its anti-reflux valve ensures urine doesn't flow back into the tubing, offering reliability with its sturdy construction. The leg bag from Hollister features pleated sides, increasing its volume capacity.

Features of Hollister Urinary Bag

  • Hollister urinary bag remains compact until full
  • Latex-free and contains sterile components
  • Available in 540ml and 900ml capacities
  • Quality materials that are soft, comfortable and durable

Item # Desc Pkg Price
9814 Medium, 18oz (540ml) Each
9814 Medium, 18oz (540ml) 10/Pack
9805 Large, 30oz (900ml) Each
9805 Large, 30oz (900ml) 10/Pack

Benefits of Hollister Leg Bag

  • Anti-Reflux Valve prevents urine backflow into the tube.
  • Soft Vinyl Film ensures skin comfort and limits odor.
  • Secure leg bag drain valve for safe urine management.
  • Vent prevents air build-up for a lower profile.
  • Convenient and easy-to-operate drain valve.
  • Durable construction enhances confidence and security.
  • Pleated sides increase volume capacity without added length.
  • Connector and drain valve positioned away from the skin to avoid pressure.
  • Comfortable Leg strap connectors.
  • Universal design accommodates various straps and holders.
  • Dimensions:
    9814: 10"L x 4-1/4"W (25cm x 10cm)
    9805: 11-1/8"L x 5"W (28cm x 12cm)


What to buy with Hollister Catheter Leg Bag


Also available (sold separately):


How to Set Up Hollister Urinary Leg Bag?

  • Remove the pouch from the packaging and lay it flat with the drain-and-valve side facing up.
  • Connect the extension tubing to the urinary drainage bag on the anti-reflux valve (valve without blue angle-stop).
  • Attach fabric straps to bag on one end, connecting to the built-in buttons.
  • Hold urine bag against the leg, wrap straps around the leg, and secure another end to buttons on the bag.
  • Wash hands completely before connecting extension tubing to the catheter.
  • Drain the bag as soon as possible by placing it over a toilet and turning the drain valve stop.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you sleep with a Hollister urinary leg bag?

As long as the bedside bag is above your bladder, you can sleep in any position. The urine bag should not be left on the floor.

2. What are urinary leg bags by Hollister used for?

The urine that drains from your catheter is collected in a urinary leg bag. It is small enough to wear under your clothes and allows you to go about your daily routine.

3. Why do I feel the urge to pee with a catheter?

Urine may also come out around the catheter. Bladder spasms cause this, and you have no control over them. Make sure the catheter is not obstructed and is properly taped. Contact your doctor if the spasms persist.

4. How often should a catheter be flushed?

According to most institutional regulations, catheters should be cleaned every 8 hours.


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