Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

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Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System efficiently channels urine from the urinal into the attached bag with an anti-reflux valve, perfect for bedridden patients. Featuring a comfort ring for a secure seal, it offers straightforward use by positioning the penis within the urinal during urination. Designed for men with bladder control, it ensures ease and reliability.

Benefits of Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

  • Reduce Risk of Falls
  • Decrease Infections 
  • Decrease Urine Spills 
  • Reduce Accidents 
  • Maintain Bladder Memory 
  • Decrease Excess or Night time Ambulation


Item # Desc Pkg Price
MTG008 36" Tube Each
MTG008 36" Tube 5/Pack

Features of Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System

  • Advantage urinal system is designed for men with contracted anatomy
  • New and Improved! Easy twist connector allowing for quick bag replacement
  • Collection bag now has new kink resistant tubing, & new bed hanger clip
  • Redesigned thicker, more durable, double sealed, multi-use, replaceable and fast draining
  • Provides a better seal and fits with protection from infection with the non-absorbent, germ resistant comfort ring
  • Features an attached storage bag that hangs from the bed frame
  • Large capacity leg bag does not need emptying until morning, even if used many times through the night
  • Use the urinal, return it to the bedside with no worries about spills, then just go back to sleep without getting out of bed or needing assistance
  • Durable Hose allows fluid to flow rapidly to the large capacity reservoir bag
  • Optional tote (not included) conceals the system when not in use


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How does Advantage Male Urinal System work?

The Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System is a portable device that allows men to urinate without getting out of bed. The system consists of a urinal, a tube, and a collection bag. The urinal is placed over the penis, and the tube is attached to the urinal. The other end of the tube is attached to the collection bag. When the man urinates, the urine flows through the tube and into the collection bag. The collection bag can be hung on the bed frame or on a chair. This Male Urinal is designed for men who have difficulty getting out of bed or are at risk of falls. The system is also a good option for men who travel frequently.

To use the Close Fit Male Urinal System, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Remove the urinal from the packaging.
  3. Open the collection bag and attach the tube to the bag.
  4. Place the urinal over the penis and adjust the position to be comfortable.
  5. If you are using the urinal for the first time, you may need to adjust the tube to be the correct length.
  6. When done urinating, close the collection bag and hang it on the bed frame or a chair.
  7. Wash the urinal and the tube with soap and water after each use.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can benefit from using the Close Fit Male Urinal System?

This urinal system is designed to benefit men who have contracted anatomy, mobility limitations, or require assistance with toileting. 

2. How does the easy twist connector work in this system?

The easy twist connector allows for quick and straightforward replacement of the collection bag. It simplifies the process of maintaining and using the urinal system.

3. What makes the collection bag in the Advantage urinal system different from others?

The collection bag in this system features new kink-resistant tubing and a bed hanger clip for added convenience. It is thicker, more durable, and double-sealed, making it reliable for multiple uses.

4. Is the urinal system easy to maintain and clean?

Yes, the urinal system is designed for ease of use and cleaning. The non-absorbent, germ-resistant comfort ring provides a better seal and helps protect against infection. Additionally, the system is easy to drain, and the hose allows for rapid fluid flow to the large capacity reservoir bag.

5. Can I use the Advantage urinal system at night without needing to empty it multiple times?

Yes, the system includes a large capacity leg bag, and it's designed so that it doesn't need to be emptied until the morning, even if used frequently throughout the night. This minimizes disruptions and allows users to sleep without needing to get out of bed or seek assistance.


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