Insertion Trays

Catheter irrigation trays and syringes are used with urinary catheters to help in the process of aspiration or irrigation. Sometimes, they are also called Foley irrigation trays. These kits usually include a collection tray, container, syringe, tip protector, alcohol wipe and waterproof drape. At Shop Catheters you can find a wide variety of catheter irrigation trays and syringes like Covidien Irrigation Tray With Bulb Syringe, Amsino AMSure Bulb Irrigation Syringe, Bard Bardia Piston Irrigation Syringe, etc.

Piston and Bulb Syringe

Catheter Irrigation Trays usually include two different types of syringes, namely, piston syringe and bulb syringe. Both of them provide the essentials that are required for self-catheterization irrigation.

Piston Syringe

Piston syringe provides an uninterrupted action in one-handed technique. Plunger rod with plunger tip allows for effortless movement. Piston syringe with a thumb ring reduces hand slippage.

Bulb Syringe

Bulb syringe has a soft and pliable bulb that helps in controlling the drawn or expelled volume. Easy to grip and can be used with a single hand.

Shop Catheter offers a wide assortment of catheter irrigation trays and syringes from various top-selling manufacturers like Bard, Medline, Covidien, Amsino, Welcon, etc.

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