Remedy is a brand of Medline. Launched in 2005, Medline Remedy quickly became the industry’s leading skincare brand by following 3 key pillars to success.

1. Care in Formulation

Developed by leading specialists using the highest standards of ingredient selection

2. Proven Performance

Clinically proven products in a color-coded system to intuitively guide caregivers

3. Complete Product Selection

Cradle to hospice skincare designed to meet every level of clinical need

How to use Remedy Products?

Quality skin care is more than just having the right products. It is using the right products, the right way, at the right time. The entire Remedy system is color-coded to make quality care as efficient as possible. This helps streamline inventory management, simplify training and may reduce the chance of staff errors.

Remedy cleansers

Remedy cleansers come in rinse and no-rinse, lotions, gels, foams and sprays to cleanse and condition the skin.

Remedy moisturizers

Remedy moisturizers absorb quickly to hydrate and condition the skin without feeling sticky or greasy.

Remedy barriers

Remedy barriers are formulated to keep moisture out and at the same time keep hydration in.

Remedy protectants

Remedy protectants help relieve symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to moisture.

Remedy treatments

Remedy treatments help treat fungal infections as well as relieve associated symptoms.

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