Drainage Bag Accessories

Drainage Bag Accessories are designed to make the use of drainage bags more easy and convenient. They help the users in overcoming the issues associated with the use of drainage bags. These urological accessories provide independence and dignity to the users. Shop Catheters provides a wide range of drainage bag accessories to meet the specific user requirements. They include drainage bag holders, drainage bag hangers and many more from top-selling manufacturers like Coloplast, Skil-Care, Urocare, etc.

Some Common Drainage Bag Accessories

Some of the common urine drainage bag accessories are described below:

Drainage Bag Hanger

Drainage bag hanger is used to hang the urinary drainage bag along with its tube. It provides stability to the bag and makes sure that the bag or tubing does not come in the way of users. It can be easily attached to the bed frame for easy access to the drainage bag.

Drainage Bag Holder

Drainage bag holder, as the name suggests, is used to hold the urinary drainage bag. It hides the contents of the bag from the public view while maintaining the dignity of users. Drainage bag holder can be hung from bed rails or under wheelchairs. It protects the bag from damages and offers a convenient place for storing excess tubing.

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