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What is an imaging table?

An imaging table is a piece of equipment that is used for various imaging procedures. Imaging tables are designed to provide a comfortable, hygienic, and supportive base for all types of diagnostic tests. With all the bending, twisting and stretching that’s needed to perform an optimal scan; an imaging table is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment the Sonographer uses. With its ergonomic design and time-saving features, the table is specifically designed for the common procedures specific to the job. 


Its design supports good body mechanics, minimizing strain and injury. It also allows mobility around the table. It is padded with ultra-firm foam for the comfort of the patient.



Why to choose an Imaging Table over a regular examination table?


Retractable side rails

The core principle of scanning ergonomics is to get as close to the patient as possible when performing a scan. On regular exam tables, side rails typically retract along the side of the table, adding as much as 2" to the top's width and increasing the distance between sonographer and patient. Imaging tables allow side rails to tuck underneath, eliminating that extra distance.

Height adjustment

Ideally, imaging tables should be height adjustable from 22-44" to accommodate the sonographer to sit or stand for the procedure. It also allowed patients who use wheelchairs, or patients requiring assistance, to easily mount the table without using a step stool.

Procedure cutouts

Imaging tables come with cutouts in the table/mattress to accommodate specific scans seen in a typical practice. These cutouts allow full access to the patient and reduce sonographer arm extension while scanning.

Retractable stirrups

Imaging tables with stirrups is designed as a multi-use imaging table complete with adjustable and retractable stirrups. The open base allows for easy and close access during imaging. It is ideal for endovaginal ultrasound.

Powered height control

The tables are electrically powered with a low volt foot pedal so that physicians can easily adjust the table as per the requirement.


Where can I buy an Imaging Table?


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