Tension Bands/Penis Rings


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Penis rings, also known as tension bands, form an integral part of vacuum therapy systems. They are designed to maintain the erection in men who can achieve it on their own or with the help of an erectile dysfunction pump but cannot maintain it. They can also be used by men who suffer from premature ejaculation. At Shop Catheters, we offer a wide array of skin-friendly and comfortable penis tension bands with different tensions and sizes to accommodate different degrees of erectile dysfunction.

How to Choose the Right Sized Penis Ring?

Right-sized penis ring often becomes difficult to determine. For a comfortable experience, you can consider the below-given points while choosing a penis band.

  • Size of the Penis Ring: Size of the penis ring refers to its diameter across the widest part. You should go for a diameter that is slightly smaller than your penis measurement. This will provide the constriction that you require for proper erection.
  • Amount of Tension: Some people need penis tension band with more tension than others. This depends on the degree of erectile dysfunction. If you have mild erectile dysfunction, a low tension penis ring will be sufficient and vice versa.
  • Amount of Displacement: The amount of displacement plays an important role in effective penile erection. It is related to the thickness of the penis ring. The thicker band displaces more tissue on the penis and reduces the flow of blood from the penis back into the body. This keeps the penis erected for a longer period.


Where to buy Penis Tension Ring Online?

Shop Catheters offers a wide range of tension bands and penis rings from various top-selling manufacturers like Encore and Timm Medical.