Abena Incontinence ProductsAbena is a Denmark-based manufacturer that produces a complete range of disposable incontinence pads and pants. It serves hospitals, nursing homes, incontinence clinics and consumers with absorbent products that enhance the flow of air and minimize skin sensitivities. Abena Incontinence products provide optimum comfort, high level of leakage security and superior performance.

We offer top selling Abena products including Abri-Form adult briefs, Abri-Flex pull-ons, Abri-San shaped pads, Abri-Let incontinence pads, Abri-Man male guards and Bambo Nature baby diapers, which can be chosen according to the absorbency needs. Abri-San pads are small and big shaped pads that vary in the levels of absorbency. Abena adult briefs are designed with highest absorbency and increased security against leakage.

Abri-Form All-In-One Briefs

Abri-Form adult briefs provide moderate to heavy incontinence protection to users with lower levels of mobility. They are designed with ultimate absorbency that keeps the user dry and comfortable. Abena Adult Diapers have adhesive tapes at the sides to hold it in place.

  • Abena briefs are breathable to maintain healthy skin
  • Skin integrity and daily comfort is ensured by top Dry-system
  • Barriers of Abena diapers help in ensuring protection against leakage
  • Flexible tapes aid in easy repositioning for an optimal fit
  • Wetness indicator indicates for a diaper change
  • Helps in odor control

Abri-Flex Protective Underwear

Abri-Flex pull-up pant is designed to accommodate heavy incontinence. It provides ease of use of normal underwear with built in pad for absorption. Abri-Flex protective underwear is soft against skin, breathable, convenient and offer leakage security. More absorbent capabilities can be added to this ultra discreet pull-up pant by using booster pads.

  • Super soft non-woven material gives the feeling of a normal underwear
  • Discreet and secure fit for active users
  • 3D Dual Core provides optimal dryness and protection
  • Comes in 4 absorbency levels for varied absorbency needs
  • TopDry system for full absorption

Abri-San Shaped Pads

Abri-San Shaped Pads are designed for all degrees of incontinence, including light, moderate and heavy incontinence. They are supposed to be worn with close fitting underwear or mesh pants.

  • Shaped pads fit the anatomy of user
  • Breathable pad allows the flow of air to keep the skin healthy
  • Barriers in Abri-San pads provide protection against leakage
  • Top Dry-system maintains the integrity of skin
  • Wetness indicator
  • Odor control

Abri-Let Incontinence Pads

Abena incontinence pads are used for providing moderate to extremely heavy protection against urine leakage. They are worn inside regular underwear and come with side leak guards for additional protection.

  • Multipurpose pad; used as incontinence pad, booster pad, maternity pad or absorbing pad for wound care
  • Nordic Eco-label- environmental friendly profile
  • Noiseless and fully breathable back sheet for discretion and optimum comfort
  • Reduces unpleasant odors
  • Quick absorption

Abri-Man Male Incontinence Products

Abri-Man male incontinence guards are specifically shaped to fit the anatomy of a man. They are made up of super soft material that is comfortable for everyday use.

  • Double top dry layer offers additional absorption at the front
  • Unique barrier system and pockets prevent leakage
  • Securely fit into regular underwear
  • Only for male users

Bambo Nature Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature baby diapers are disposable and environment-friendly diapers manufactured by Abena. They fit perfectly to the anatomy of children and provide them with freedom of movement.

  • Very soft top and back sheet are gentle to the baby skin
  • Abena incontinence products have top-dry system that keeps the surface dry
  • Super absorbent core for faster absorption
  • Flexible side panels ensure easy fit
  • Breathable diaper lets the skin breathe
  • Environment-friendly diaper with Nordic Eco label and FSC- guarantee
  • Dermatologically tested to ensure that the product does not cause any skin irritation or allergy
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